Bits & Bobs #01Words of Wisdom

"If my mind can perceive it and my heart can believe, then I can achieve it!" (Jesse Jackson)

If the mind is open there is room for something new to enter!

Bits & Bobs #02Words of Thanks

Thank you so much for my Reiki session! It was an absolute pleasure and helped me cope that night after mixing up my yoga times and missing the class! Honestly! I was extremely relaxed and your "no pressure attitude" really was perfect. It was beyond all my expectations. DC, Tunbridge Wells.

I suffer from insomnia but when we had our reiki session I managed to sleep soundly for about a week. EV, Tunbridge Wells.

Thanks for the Reiki. I really appreciate it x. JE, Tonbridge.

Bits & Bobs #03Suppliers

If you are looking for beautiful crystals then pay a visit to Morgarian and Ru'an at The Litlington Crystal Store in East Sussex. Please check opening times on their website as they do not open every day. Litlington Crystal Store.

If you have something you would like to add to this page then please contact me.

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