Courses/Workshops #01

Reiki First & Second Degree Courses

Personally, I feel that inviting Reiki into our lives enables us to take personal responsibility for ourselves, our lives and, ultimately, the world in which we live. It gives us back the power that we have often lost as we've journeyed through life.

Anyone, including children, can channel Reiki. It is not just for people who have "special" abilities as I had once mistakenly believed! It is open to each and every one of us - we are all special!

First Degree Reiki Weekend : To be able to channel Reiki effectively you will need to attend a First Degree Course. During this weekend you will receive 4 attunements which will help to clear and align your healing channels enabling the pure Reiki energy to flow through you.

These attunements are spaced evenly over the two day period to allow you to assimilate these energies effectively. Once attuned to Reiki you will carry this gift with you for life.

During the weekend we will also have the chance to discuss all aspects of Reiki, including the Reiki principles and to practise treatments on yourself and on each other under the supervision of myself and Reiki Master Hjalmar Jonsson.

After the course you will be able to channel the healing energy to yourself and those close to you should they wish to receive it.

Course fee 130.

Second Degree Reiki Weekend : Once you have accepted and assimilated Reiki into your life you may decide that you would like to advance your healing capacity by attending a Second Degree Course.

You will receive a further two attunements during this weekend. You will also be introduced to three sacred symbols and their mantras along with the techniques to enable you to offer distant healing using Reiki. You will practise sending distance healing during the weekend.

Course fee 260

I am a member of The Reiki Association

Courses/Workshops #02CRYSTAL WORKSHOPS

I will also be running short introductory crystal workshops later this year. These workshops are designed for those interested in learning more about crystals for their own personal spiritual development.

If you are interested in attending one of these courses or workshops then please contact me.

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