Crystal Therapy #01

Crystal Therapy

As we journey through life, the challenges that we face can cause us to be at dis-ease with ourselves and the world around us, causing imbalance of our energy systems on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

As a crystal therapist I will work with you to remove these blockages and to assist you in bringing your body back into balance to achieve optimum health.

During a treatment I will introduce carefully chosen crystals into the recipients' energy field, facilitating greater energy flow and balance thus supporting personal healing on all levels. A treatment consists of the recipient lying fully clothed on a couch.

Each crystal has its own vibration which, when placed upon the body, interacts with the recipients energy field to enable the removal of deep seated blockages.

Crystals are very powerful and a treatment may not therefore be beneficial for some pre-existing medical conditions. A review of your medical history will form part of the initial consultation. However, please do mention, at the point of booking, anything that you may feel is relevant.

It is vital that you consult a qualified therapist before you embark upon a course of treatments.

Initial consultation including a review of your medical history (60-90 mins) 50
Follow-up consultations (approx 60 mins) 40

If you would like to experience a crystal therapy treatment then please contact me.

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