Reiki #01

Reiki : Universal Life Energy

Reiki is an ancient form of hands-on healing re-discovered in Japan by Mikao Usui in the late 1800s and introduced to the West by Hawayo Takata towards the end of the 1930s.

The Reiki attuned therapist will act as a channel, placing their hands gently upon the recipient's body, enabling them to draw upon the Reiki energy to effect their own personal healing.

The effects of Reiki will differ from person to person; for some it assists in relieving stress and tension, promoting relaxation and restful sleep, while in others it provides renewed energy and clarity of mind. Reiki is intuitive and will go to wherever it is most needed.

Whilst being gentle and non-invasive, Reiki can have powerful and profound effects resulting in self-healing and life changes.

Reiki is beneficial to us at all stages in our lives whether we are just starting out, preparing to leave or somewhere in between.

A Reiki treatment will take between 60-90 minutes and will cost 35-45.

Reiki is also extremely beneficial for animals, plants as well as our beautiful planet.

If you would like to experience a wonderful Reiki treatment then please contact me.

Reiki #02Animals and Reiki

My beautiful black Peter cat has been with me for 15 years now. His back legs are a bit stiff but that doesn't affect his capability to love unconditionally.

Peter cat loves his Reiki and will always seek it out when he feels the need. Peter cat is generally either purring or snoring. However, when he gets into the Reiki zone he is totally silent ... I think he's probably meditating!

Peter cat was diagnosed with an over-active thyroid by our vet back in November 2009 and has been receiving allopathic medicine since that time. Imagine our joy when the recent results of two consecutive blood tests have enabled us to reduce his medication. Our vet has told us that 'this shouldn't happen' as this means his tumour is shrinking and that is apparently not 'normal'. Whilst our vet is unable to confirm that Reiki has effected this healing, he is open minded and has told us to keep doing whatever we are doing as it's clearly working. There is no question in my mind that it's the Reiki that's enabled Peter to affect these changes.

We have also managed to avoid surgery several times now for mysterious lumps and bumps which tend to heal themselves given a little Reiki time!

I am very keen to provide Reiki treatments more widely to our animal friends so please contact me if I can be of assistance. Reiki does not necessarily have to be hands on where animals are concerned. Initial treatments will be provided free of charge to local residents.

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